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In bed
Erin Peterson has spent three months lying in bed to simulate the physical effects of long-duration space flight, and she gets out of bed today. She's been blogging.

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My wife spent about three months in bed, too, when she was pregnant. She even had simulated free fall sickness.

Hmm, perhaps the blogging-pajamas relationship goes two ways!

You know, one part of me runs away screaming from the thought of being stuck in a bed for 3 months, certainly if I'm otherwise healthy enough to acquire a bad case of cabin fever.

But. But, I could also feel motivated by fantasies of actually being able to get out into space. I know it wouldn't be me personally, but thinking that the data acquired by the participation of "ordinary people" gives Jane Doe and folks like me a leg up into orbit... hmmm, yeah!

Of course, that's a long way from actually agreeing to be in such a study, or, for that matter, actually getting to travel to space.

Crazy(and humming Anne Passavoy's "Harbors" now, darn you! *j/k*)Soph

one of my many alter egos

pssst: in the end, it was a lot of fun. :)

Re: one of my many alter egos

Welcome back!

Re: one of my many alter egos

-grin- thanks. i keep meaning to update my LJ, but i'm really liking blogger a lot better.

found you in my referrals, i'm always curious to see what's being said about me ;-)

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