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More fun and games
Does Joel Achenbach's article on global warming skeptics win the bingo?

It's written as a more or less unjudgmental personality piece, of the "I can't evaluate what these brainiacs are saying but it sure is interesting" variety. I frequently like Achenbach's writing style but this kind of coverage of science drives me nuts.

It's also frustrating in that his "other side" discussion mostly concentrates on mass-media hysteria (for instance, he correctly shoots down the alarm over the outlier) and never really addresses the central issue of whether or not the attacks on the mainstream science are well-placed.

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I thought it quite clearly made fun of Smith, myself.

-- non-anonymous Gary Farber, whom LiveJournal doesn't want to identify.

If you read between the lines, I think you can see him being very sarcastic against the skeptics. But yeah, it doesn't have enough detail, especially wrt the cycles hypothesis.

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